The DISQ Group is made up of four event and exhibition product suppliers in the UK. We all go the extra mile to provide excellent support service and exceed expectations.

We're Taking A Stand for what we believe is important to improving the exhibition and display industry.

Find out more about each of our four companies within the DISQ Group and meet our experts behind the companies.

Jane Frost

Jane has over 25 years experience in the exhibition and display industry, having started working in this industry in 1993.

Speak to Jane for expertise in 

> Large Exhibition Stands

> Project Management 

> Large Exhibition Solutions

> Technical And Creative Solutions

Gordon Neile

With over 30 years experience in the exhibition and display industry you could say Gordon has seen it all, particularly in the modular display field.

Speak to Gordon for expertise in 

> Modular Exhibition Stands

> Product Knowledge

> Medium Exhibition Solutions

> iPad and Tablet Displays

Richard Newbury 

Richard began his career working in sales for a large exhibition group with his main focus being portable and modular display products. He saw a gap in the display market for more innovative, adaptable and quality products, which resulted in Eve Products being founded in 2003.

Speak to Richard for expertise in 

> Pop up Solutions

> Innovative Solutions

> Industry Insight

> Technical And Creative Solutions

Philippe Jeffery

Philippe has 19 years experience in the exhibition and display industry. Philippe began working in the industry through a family run business, Promotor Display, formed in 1991.

Speak to Philippe for expertise in 

> Promotional Counters

> Product Knowledge

> Small Exhibition Solutions

> European Exhibition Knowledge

Luke Facey

Luke has 25 years experience in the exhibition and display industry, having began working in the industry for Scan Display International in London, part of the Photobition Group in 1992. He was involved in the development of the Premier pop-up system and is Chairman of the DISQ Group.

Speak to Luke for expertise in 

> Large Exhibition Stands

> Product Knowledge

> Large Exhibition Solutions

> Technical And Building Solutions


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